Dental Assistant Job Security

Mara thought she looked cheap on her knees like that but that it suited Candice. They'd been co-workers for the past year and had become friends but neither of them had ever thought they'd end up in this situation. Sure they both had a small crush on Dr. Leo but that was harmless. It wasn't until her husband lost his job that she would have even considered something this extreme.

Dr. Post could see that now she was making a video and asked, "Why are you doing this?"

Candice wiped her face with the back of hand and climbed up onto the operating chair saying, "We just want to keep working for you, Dr. Post." Her voice was a teasing lilting tone.

Mara watched Candice pull the string of her thong out of her ass and to the side, presenting a tempting target for the dentist. Candice looked behind her and smiled, "Do you want us to stop?"

His cock was raging hard and pointed at her wet opening.

She wiggled her ass back an inch or two provocatively so that her soft pink wetness was touching the head of his big prick.

"Stop thinking and fuck me, Dr. Post!"

He thrust forward with a sigh and he was in heaven again. Hip deep in his assistant's pussy, Mara watched her boss start to plow her coworker.

Mara stopped the video and sent it to her email with another whoosh. She had enough evidence now to keep her job safe. It was probably the kinkiest thing she had ever done but now it was over. This was a one time thing. Enjoying it was just a guilty pleasure she hadn't expected and she felt embarrassed.

Dr. Leo heard the email leaving her phone and looked over at her while she got her purse. He never stopped fucking Candice who was face down and ass up on the chair.

Mara started to leave when she heard his voice say, "Where are you going, princess?"

"Home." She stopped by the door and said, "I think our jobs are safe from your wife now. Have fun."

"Why? Because you have a dirty little video of me fucking you? And fucking Candice the candy ass milf?" Swap! He brought his hand down on Candice's bare ass hard.

She let out an appreciative moan. "Ugh! You can't be mad right now!"

"Nope. Not mad. But there's a flaw in your logic... If you show my wife those videos then yes, I'd be in a lot of shit... But what would your husband think, Mara?"

Mara's jaw dropped. He was right.

"Now, I'm sure Candice wouldn't care if one of her boyfriends found out..." fup! Fup! FUP! "Isn't that right, Candy Ass?" Dr. Leo was building his rhythm faster and faster.

"God! Whatever you say, Dr. Post. Just don't stop fucking me!" Candice was such a slut.

"Now, come back here Mara. I'm not done with you yet." His voice held the authority of his station. Their boss. She naturally felt it right to comply even though the context was so wrong.

Mara walked back to him slowly not sure what she could do. He wasn't wrong. She couldn't risk her husband seeing these videos, even the one she had recorded meant she had been there. Still, she hadn't hated what she had already done, so maybe this wouldn't be so bad...

Once she was close enough, Dr. Post reached down the low cut top she was wearing and starting groping her breast, tugging at her nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

"Don't worry your pretty titties about your job, princess. I won't ever fire you." Could it be that in her position of powerlessness that she was even more turned on?

He pulled her closer by her nipples which hurt a little until she stepped towards him and he kissed her passionately. She felt so cheap.

"That's a good princess. Now get your slutty, pale Romanian body down on your knees and taste your friend's pussy." He slapped Candice on the ass again as he drove himself into her again and again.

Candice was sexually over charged now and started chanting, "Oh god! Oh god! Make her do it Dr. Leo! I'm gonna cum right now! Ughhh! Argh! Oh yes!"

Mara slowly dropped to her knees. Now inches away from her boss as he pulled his cock from Candice's bald, pink pussy. Dr. Post pulled her by her hair and literally forced her face into her friend's waiting, messy twat.

"Eat it, you stuck up slut!" Dr. Leo was forceful and Candice was into it as she ground her sex on Mara's face, moaning.

"Gawd, I'm so close! Can I cum on her face, Dr. Post? Please?" Candice was a kinky slut enjoying herself.

Mara would have never admitted it to anyone, but there was a part of Mara that found her friend attractive. Of course she was hot but it was her free wheeling slutty lifestyle that intrigued Mara and now she a part of one of her sordid stories... Mara's big nose was tickling her friend's swollen clit and her tongue was pushing deep into a well used pussy. A pussy that had been shared by two men at the same time, a pussy that regularly let strangers fuck her in bathroom stalls when clubbing and now she was going to make this dirty pussy cum on her face.

"Cum on her face right now, you naughty girl!" Dr. Leo ran his fingers over her pussy and spread Mara's wet lips before plunging back into her very accepting cunt with his cock.

"Thhaaannk Yoouuuuuu... Sir!" Candice rocked her hips back and forth as she started to orgasm on Mara's face.

The pale Romanian's big nose pushed  up against Candice's wet hole and tickled her asshole as she lapped at her friend's clit, her own orgasm was welling within her now.

Dr. Leo was rocking her forward and back, hard. Feeling so powerless now, Mara was mindless and ravaged and giving in to her inhibitions. Her fingers dug into the edges of the dental chair as Candice finished rubbing her sex juices all over her face.

"Fuck, you're so tight! I'm going to cum soon!" Dr. Leo was grunting as he pumped in and out of her. Mara couldn't believe how fulfilled she was that her body was making this man cum twice so quickly. She felt proud even. It was immensely satisfying somehow.

Candice flipped over and watched the two of them now. She could see the expression on her normally reserved friend's face. Mara was licking her lips, her eyes were lost, focusing on nothing, pupils dilated like she was high on drugs.

Candice spoke up, "Don't cum yet, Dr. Leo. Mara is gonna cum if you keep going... Don't stop. I want to see this slut cum hard!"

Dr. Leo looked pained on his face to keep going. He said, "I don't know how much longer I can keep going..." He groaned and gripped Mara's hips, "Fuck! Ugh, it's too good!"

Candice could see the smile curl on her friend's lips and decided to help her employer out, saying, "Just a little longer, Dr. Leo. Stay strong, big boy! If you make her cum, I'll get down on my knees and let you blow your load all over my face."

She teased him, "How does that sound? When's the last time your wife got down on her knees, opened her mouth and smiled up at you with cum dripping down her face?"

Dr. Leo was doing his best as he fucked Mara as hard as he could from behind. Their moans were louder than the sound of his hips slapping again her ass and they were both so close...

Candice stuck her finger in Mara's mouth for her to suck. "That's it, baby girl! You just need something to push you over the edge now, don't you?"

She got down on her knees beside her friend and looked up at Dr. Leo. "Here you go, bitch. How's this feel?" Pulling her fingers from Mara's mouth, Candice reached around and pushed two sloppy fingers up her friend's tight asshole.

Mara was so close but holding on until she felt those wet fingers slide into her ass and then she lost all control.

"Oooh Fuuuuuccckkkk!" Mara told herself that she wasn't this kind of girl but her body told her differently. Why was this all so good? She didn't know, but as Candice moved her fingers around in her tight sphincter, Mara had the most powerful orgasm of her life. She didn't even notice that Dr. Leo had stopped moving and it was her that was ravenously grinding herself back onto him, riding his cock like a ride at an amusement park until she collapsed completely spent and panting like an animal.

Sliding off his cock into a heap on the chair, Leo took one look at Candice's happily eager face, mouth open and stroked himself off. "I'm cumming! I'm gonna cum, don't move an inch!"

"Yes, Dr. Post," Candice giggled as one, two, then three thick ropes of the dentist's jism flew through the air and slapped her face! A few more smaller spurts and Candice was pretty much covered.

Cum splattered into her hair, across her forehead and onto her manicured eyebrows. It pooled up on her eyelashes making it difficult to see. She could taste her boss in her mouth, on her tongue and let it slide from her nose to her lip and past her teeth. Her chin had long strands of pearl white cum that dripped down onto her chest. Candice was a cum covered slut thought Dr. Leo.

He couldn't be happier knowing his two assistants were both fair game now and randy little sex kittens to boot. His wife didn't need to ever know.

He looked them over. Candice was a cheater at heart and her lousy boyfriends would come and go but he knew that her Milf body was his anytime he wanted her now, but Mara was a different story. Now that he had a taste of her soft white little Romanian body, he would want it regularly. He knew she wanted her job and he knew he would want her to give him blow jobs daily from now on. He also knew that Mara was such a goody goody that she might not be able to cheat on her husband so easily.

"Mara, could you please help Candice clean up." he asked as though it were any other dental appointment they might have.

Still dazed from her powerful orgasm, Mara turned, still with her dress over her waist and tits hanging out, to find a Kleenex or a cloth.

"No, with your mouth please." Mara paused before submitting to his request. Getting down on her knees she proceeded to lick Candice's face. The look of utter satisfaction on their faces as she lapped up the salty jizz told her that both her friend and her boss enjoyed demeaning her like this.

She knew there wasn't anything she could say about it either. Her legs were still tingling from the most powerful orgasm that she'd ever had and they watched her buckle from the pleasure. If this was what it was like to be a slut, she could understand why Candice was one.

Sure she'd be fulfilling sexual demands from her boss daily at the office, whether it was to be blow jobs under his desk or late night "work" for the three of them, Mara just had to make sure her husband never found out.'s+delight+solitaire+games&url=
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